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Packing services Stretch UR Dollar

Stretch UR Dollar Moving offers a full range of packing and unpacking services for your move. Packing for moving can be one of the most time consuming aspects of your local move or long distance move. Stretch UR Dollar Moving can help reduce the stress of a move by professionally and carefully packing all of your most treasured belongings. Whether you would like assistance packing up your entire home or you'd just like some help tackling the kitchen, our highly trained packers will do the job efficiently and safely. Below are different packing option.

Kitchen Pack Service

Our kitchen pack service is a customer favorite, it allows the professionals to handle the most fragile parts of your move. Just like our moving service or Kitchen Pack is a flat fee service that includes all material needed to make sure all of your kitchen items are protected. Most kitchen packs can be perform the same day as your move.

Full Service Packing

Stretch UR Dollar Moving packing services team will arrive at your home the day before your movers and within hours your entire home contents will be carefully packed into moving boxes. Each delicate item lovingly wrapped in acid free paper and placed carefully into boxes that are labelled for easy identification. When you use Stretch UR Dollar Moving we include the cost of material so you can budget more efficiently


Have a valuable portrait painted by a famous artist or a family portrait you want to protect? Allow Stretch UR Dollar Moving to use their expert packers and the right material to protect URmemories. At Stretch UR Dollar Moving we package each picture using bubble-wrap for extra protection in addition to adding glass protection with an extra piece of foam and then slid into our picture crate.

Furniture Wrap

Feel like taking on your move solo but still a little worried about your furniture? You can hire our pad wrappers to come in and protect the furniture prior to you moving them. We have several protection options depending on where your moving to. We can rent you our proffesional moving pads and rubberbands to secure each pad to your furniture to make sure you avoid the costly scratches.

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Local Moving