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Stretch UR Dollar Long Distance Moving

We provide quality at both ends.

We never hire unlicensed, untrained, nor uninsured "temporary laborers" to load or unload your furniture. Having the same crew at your origin and destination means there is complete accountability for quality. You don't have to worry about leaving our employees alone with your family and precious belongings.

We're honest.

We offer fixed pricing and guarantee no hidden fees or unexplained charges. We have never weighed a loaded truck and charged our clients more for underestimated weight. This is the Number One cause for all the moving horror stories you hear about, but you don't have to worry about that with us!

We focus on you.

We focus on one customer at a time – YOU. We don't consolidate your load with anyone else's, allowing us to arrange specific pickup and delivery dates and times. We will never tell our clients to expect their goods in a 4-7 day span; we give you a set date and stick to it. We are committed to your schedule, not our freighting schedules. Another benefit of not sharing a truck with another load is that you avoid the risk of your furniture being contaminated by someone else's (think bedbugs, smoke residue, and pet dander).

Although we travel outside to 48 states, we remain the most competitive staying within our region. Please ask your sales rep about a location outside our region.

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